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About Boxing Incorporated

At Boxing Incorporated, you get a choice of how you want to get into great shape and feel great about yourself at the same time by selecting from one of our classes in kickboxing, boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), grappling, or from personal training.

At each of our locations, we offer more than 40 classes every week, and anyone of them will have you drenched in sweat in no time. As a member of our gym in Tucson AZ

, you get unlimited access to any and all of our classes.

Our coaches at Boxing Incorporated will train you as if you were a fighter so that you become the fittest you’ve ever been. Your coach will not only train you, he or she will also give you all the motivation that you need so that you obtain and even surpass your goals.

Without a doubt, some of the best-conditioned athletes that you’ll ever come across are trained fighters. At Boxing Inc., you’ll get all the professional training regimens that will allow you to transform yourself to becoming a fighter. Really, there is no more satisfying way, no better way to burn fat and put on lean muscle mass.

Our personal trainers at Boxing Inc. will inspire you so that you achieve your goals via a combination of classes and strength training ranging from boxing through to mixed martial arts to kickboxing. Your new trainer will stick with you for the entire journey, from day one onwards.

If you sign up with Boxing Incorporated now, you will receive a discount of 50% on your first training session.

Boxing Incorporated Classes

All of our classes at Boxing Inc., no matter which type of class it is, are fast paced, they are high energy and they provide you with a full-body workout where it’s certainly achievable to burn as many as 1,000 calories during a single class while simultaneously learning the right techniques – the same techniques that are used by professional fighters.

Our classes will provide you with strength training which enhances your physical endurance as well as your self-confidence. Each week, we offer more than 40 classes at each of our locations. What’s more, these classes are coached by the industry’s best instructors.

You can get as fit as you like in any way you like since all of our members at Boxing Incorporated get unlimited class access.

Our TrainersAt Boxing Incorporated

All of our trainers have a very high level of self-discipline and they bring with them their own experiences to Boxing Incorporated. Our trainers don’t only teach you, they also motivate and inspire you so that you more easily achieve your goals.

You’ll be held accountable by your Boxing Inc. trainer but he or she will also continuously motivate you so you can obtain your full potential. When you sign up with us at Boxing Inc., you’ll get a fitness plan that is personalized. The plan consists of routines that are regularly changing and that are established to give the best results regardless of your body type.

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